Our history

The buttons Industry Guaira was born from the dream of three entrepreneurs from Guaíra who invested their knowledge not only in the distribution of buttons, but in the entire production process, so that the market, both domestic and international, could market products of excellent quality and totally focused on fashion trends. To ensure customer satisfaction, the industry started to invest in advanced technologies, through modern installations and equipment, manufacturing parts for clothing with accuracy, sophistication and beauty.

The company's employees are graduate professionals in constant learning and improvement, since the industry has as its mission the quality and perfection of his pieces, attentive to technology and the market to provide its customers competitive conditions.

Because of all this dedication, the company is one of the largest producers of polyester buttons, highlighting both the quality of its products, as the attention to constant improvement of his team.


The company has a specialized sales industry ready to help customers, which makes the service be performed with professionalism and agility, as well as assist in the choice of products and colors that follow the trends and fashion textile.


Finally, the company aware of its environmental responsibility, objective unceasingly strengthen ties with its suppliers, partners and employees, to ensure the success and satisfaction of all members of the production chain, respecting the natural resources and always believing in the development of the human, as starting point to provide the country's growth.


15 Years of experience.

Knowing that investing in quality is no longer an option, the IBG keeps more than a decade of work, full integration with European trends related to technology and manufacturing polyester buttons importing machinery of Italian manufacturing and offering the best and most modern in the market, including the aesthetic differential, because of laser technology, is able to produce unique and exclusive details to its products and its customers.

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Investing in this way, we gain experience, respect and credibility for our story next great garment manufacturers to have emerged and were consolidated in the market among the best brands of our time because of excellence and product quality.Quality that we cherish, we produce, quality that we guarantee.